12 Feb 2007

Transparency Solomons warns government is working to demolish rule of law

6:03 am on 12 February 2007

The anti corruption watchdog, Transparency Solomon Islands, has claimed the nation's government is working to demolish the rule of law.

In a strongly worded statement, the group says the most recent attempts at undermining the system involved a decision by the acting attorney general to drop charges against the Minister for Commerce, Industries and Employment, Peter Shanel, and her own brother, who is said to be a senior office holder in the ruling party.

Transparency says the Prime Minister questioned the actions of the Director of Public Prosecutions after he re-charged Minister of Commerce with offences relating to the escape of Julian Moti from PNG.

It is not clear what charges the brother of the acting attorney general was facing.

Transparency has called on the Prime Minister to maintain and respect the separation of powers between the law makers and the law enforcers that it says are fundamental to the proper functioning of a free and fair society.