13 Feb 2007

Fiji unions have new proposals to counter planned cuts by interim government

8:07 pm on 13 February 2007

The general secretary of the public service association, Rajeshwar Singh, says the confederation of public sector unions will be taking a new proposal to the interim administration following the proposed pay cuts for public servants and introduction of an early retirement age.

In a media briefing, the interim prime minister and military commander, commodore Bainimarama, said the moves would go ahead because of the need to cut back on spending.

Cabinet has been discussing the issue of reducing the retirement age from 60 to 55 and the union hopes it will decided to phase in any system slowly.

Mr Singh says the commodore has signalled that he wants to continue negotiations and the unions are planning to present some new ideas:

"Shortly, over the next few days we will be making another proposal for the government to look at it to avoid pay cuts."

The general secretary of the PSA, Rajeshwar Singh.,

The unions have given 21 days notice of their intention to hold a secret ballot on taking industrial action.