19 Feb 2007

Tonga's Finance Minister meets Australian and NZ officials working with Joint Police Mission

6:24 am on 19 February 2007

Tonga's Minister of Finance, Hon Siosiua TT 'Utoikamanu, has met New Zealand and Australian officials who are under the Joint Police Mission.

The group is in the country to gain a strategic overview of the functions and responsibilities of the Tonga Police Force or TPF with specific reference to its corporate, operational and managerial strengths and weaknesses.

The Mission also wants to gain a strategic overview of the operating environment including challenges, constraints and opportunities.

The move will help to identify the extent and form of a coordinated programme of assistance from Australia and New Zealand.

Hon Siosiua TT 'Utoikamanu says Tonga's Police station, Police quarters and Prisons are deteriorating and the Government has tried to improve the state of these facilities but unfortunately it doesn't have sufficient financial resources to do so.