19 Feb 2007

Wet weather contributing to the rising number of dengue fever victims in the Cook Islands

6:22 am on 19 February 2007

The Cook Islands secretary for the Ministry of Health, Dr Roro Daniel, says a spraying programme will kick into place on Monday (local time) to try and eradicate, or reduce ,the number of mosquitoes currently on the main island Rarotonga.

The number of people who have contracted Dengue Fever after they were bitten by mosquitoes has exceeded 600.

Dr Daniel says while some of the blame can be placed on people who don't clean up their properties mother nature has also played a part:


"The weather has not been very good to us, there has been a lot of rain and therefore provides a lot of breeding for mosquitos and the mosquito is continuing to be a problem so we need to keep on top of this and taht is why we are doing this."