20 Feb 2007

Guam to host anti-terrorism exercise

2:44 pm on 20 February 2007

The world's biggest anti-terrorism exercise will be held in Guam later this year.

The lifeblood of Guam is tourism and its US military base, which the Bush administration is planning to enlarge as the US is to relocate troops from Japan.

October's exercise is part of a series of operations designed to test the United States responses to terrorist attacks.

A Guam governor's spokesperson, Shawn Guamataotao, says it will show how the government and civilian agencies will respond -- from the top down.

"We can expect there will be simulated attacks, three will be a lot of resources put in. They'll test the front-line responders. It'll test those in the communications side of the house. It'll test government leaders in making decisions to protect its citizenry and this will be also monitored by the US Department of Homeland Security and their operations centre in Washington DC."

Mr Guamataotao says the exercise is aimed primarily against a non-state actor.

It will include intelligence communities, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.