23 Feb 2007

Fears Solomons government seeking a compliant police chief in its push to arm officers

12:09 pm on 23 February 2007

The Solomon Islands chapter of Transparency International says it fears the government plans not to bother seeking parliamentary backing for its quest to re-arm the police.

The government has announced it wants the police protection unit re-armed and Transparency Solomon Islands says it could achieve this by installing a compliant police commissioner.

The post is currently vacant after the government refused to allow Australian Shane Castles back into the country.

TSI says it is very clear that no one except the government and its cronies wants the police rearmed.

Its executive officer, Joses Tuhanuku, says their concern is the current Police Act already allows for the police to carry arms if warranted.

"So they are really positioning themselves to get some one, in our view, who will tow the line to help them to re-arm the police, because they don't have to go to parliament for that."