23 Feb 2007

MSG meeting to discuss Fiji, sign new constitution deferred

5:41 pm on 23 February 2007

A planned discussion by Melanesian Spearhead Group or MSG leaders about the political situation in Fiji has been deferred until next month.

The discussion was due to have taken place in Vanuatu today before the signing of an agreement to establish a formal MSG constitution which has also been postponed.

Solomon Islands asked for the deferral of the meeting because its prime minister was expecting to face a motion of no-confidence but which has since been disqualified.

The chairman of the MSG secretariat, Johnny Koanapo, says the agreement will be signed at a more convenient time:

"From the host side, that's Vanuatu, we were sort of anticipating that given some of the political developments happening within the sub-region, some leaders may not be available for the signing and so it was collectively decided in fact by the senior officials in consultation with the leaders to arrange a more convenient time for everybody."

Johnny Koanapo says the MSG meeting to both sign the agreement and discuss Fiji will probably be held next month.