26 Feb 2007

NGO says Fiji military regime cannot review election process or change constitution

4:28 pm on 26 February 2007

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre is calling for a review of electoral procedures to be separated from an early return to an elected government.

The interim administration wants to conduct a census, set up a boundaries commission and make changes to the Electoral Act, election boundaries and ways of voting.

But the PCRC's director, Tupou Vere, says that in the interests of long term security in Fiji the organisation is again requesting that Commander Bainimarama and the army return to the barracks.

She says they want the commander to relinquish the of position of interim prime minister and for the president to establish a truly civilian interim government.

Ms. Vere says the revision of election boundaries and ways of voting are very delicate issues that must be addressed with the sensitivity they deserve.

The PCRC wants to see a public referendum on the proposed changes and the constitutional provisions that might need to be revised.