27 Feb 2007

US organisation sterilises stray dogs in American Samoa

5:09 pm on 27 February 2007

A United States volunteer organisation, Veterinary Ventures, is helping control the dog population in American Samoa.

The group has sent 29 vets and support staff to the territory to spay and neuter stray animals.

This is the second year that the organisation has sent a team to the territory.

Its vice president, Sandy Calves, says as well as keeping the dog population down they are providing consultation for sick animals.

"We were here about this time last year. We sterilised nearly one thousand animals and we have had comments from other people who visit the island that they can visibly see a difference in the stray dog population as well as the temperament of the animals that have been spayed, because once they get the surgery they tend to be a lot nicer, they stay closer to home, they are a lot more loving."