5 Mar 2007

Netball survive budget cuts

6:00 am on 5 March 2007

Netball Fiji is the only sports code that hasn't suffered financially following the country's revised budget for 2007.

Netball Fiji received a half million dollars from the Qarase government to host the World championships in Suva this year, but the tournament was taken away after the military takeover last year.

Netball Fiji will now have 350-thosuand dollars to prepare for the world champs which will be held in Auckland in November.

Rugby union will receive 400-thousand dollars, a hundred thousand less for their Rugby World Cup preparation.

Team Fiji to the Pacific Games in Samoa later this year receive 550-thousand dollars a cut of a hundred and 50 thousand dollars.

The World Hobie Cat Championships have also come under the guillotine, after their 200-thousand dollar budget was slashed by a hundred thousand dollars.