5 Mar 2007

New Caledonian group suggests Goro nickel plant should be built abroad

3:16 pm on 5 March 2007

A New Caledonian group opposed to the three-billion US dollar Goro Nickel project says its operator should consider shifting the planned plant to a larger country, such as Australia.

The Rheebuu Nuu group, which is opposed to the proposed plant for environmental reasons, is calling on the parent company, CVRD of Brazil, to enter into a dialogue with those opposed to the construction under way in the territory's south.

The Rheebuu Nuu leaders have issued a statement, urging CVRD to stop its divisive policies among the Kanaks and to talk also to those who don't back the project.

They say CVRD should engage in serious negotiations and also consider setting up the plant elsewhere.

They say it's better to die than to live in a polluted land.

The project has the support of the New Caledonian authorities.

A recent court ruling in France overturned an injunction on part of the project which had been issued after objections by Rheebu Nuu.