5 Mar 2007

Russia seeks better ties with Fiji

3:16 pm on 5 March 2007

The Russian government has expressed interest in improving ties with Fiji and the possibility of its businesses investing in the country's sugar industry.

The Canberra-based Russian ambassador to Fiji, Alexander Blokhin, attended the presentation of the interim administration's budget in Suva on Friday.

At the weekend he had talks with the interim prime minister, Commodore Bainimarama, and the finance minister and minister for sugar industry reform, Mahendra Chaudhry.

Mr Blokhin told Fiji TV through an interpreter that Russia regards Fiji as a core country in the South Pacific and it is important for Moscow to understand developments taking place in Fiji.

He said they have been visiting Fiji to take an inside look at the country which will help Russia to shape its policy towards Fiji.