7 Mar 2007

Niue needs more generators to end power problems

4:16 pm on 7 March 2007

Niue needs two more diesel generators to ensure continuous power supply.

The island is again experiencing lengthy power outages as it struggles to cope with a breakdown in one of its two generators.

This follows a major crisis last year which saw New Zealand deliver a generator in an emergency flight by an air force Hercules.

In the latest shut downs one of the two generators has developed a fault and the remaining one cannot cope at peak times.

Niue Power's general manager, Speedo Hetutu, says the island is two generators short.

"The normal set up for Niue, as from before, we had four engines -should be four engines. Like one on prime, one on peak and one on standby if the peak failed to come or either one shut down for service."

Mr Hetutu says it will be the weekend at the earliest before repairs can be made to the generator.