8 Mar 2007

American Samoa cannery to raise tuna output

11:19 am on 8 March 2007

Star Kist Samoa has announced plans to make what it calls the second largest single investment ever made at its Satala plant.

It will put in infrastructure to produce up to 200,000 pouches of tuna per day.

In an interview with KHJ News, Star Kist Vice President, Barry Mills, said an additional 300 to 400 people would be hired to produce the pouches.

He says the product would all be for the United States retail market.

Owners of Star Kist Samoa, Delmonte, approved the investment late last week.

Mr Mills says it a good sign that Delmonte has confidence in Star Kist Samoa's ability to maintain its cost structure and has confidence that the local government would help the cannery operate with the number of people necessary to be successful.