9 Mar 2007

Samoa and US hold talks about two Samoans accused in US adoption case

10:31 am on 9 March 2007

The fate of two Samoans wanted in connection with a court case in the United States about adoption of Samoan children to American couples, is awaiting the outcome of talks between the two governments involved

The Attorney General, Ming Leung Wai, says American and Samoan government officials met last week to discuss the matter.

But the attorney general says the United States officials are aware that there is no agreement between the two countries for the extradition of alleged offender's who are non-American citizens.

The two defendants, Julie Tuiletufuga, and Tagaloa Ieti, were part of an American adoption agency operation in Samoa some four years ago.

A warrant for their arrest has been issued by the US government over alleged illegal smuggling of babies and money laundering.