13 Mar 2007

American Samoa and Samoa still arguing over entry permit charges

10:42 am on 13 March 2007

American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono has called Samoa's entry permits for American Samoans a

revenue generating permit.

He says the Samoa permits are not the same as American Samoa's entry permits.

The governor says many Samoan citizens come to American Samoa to earn a living.

Very few American Samoans go to Samoa with the intention of staying.

He has suggested that those who are unhappy with Samoa's decision to increase the entry permit for American Samoans from $10 to $30 should petition the government.

He says if the government initiates a request to remove the permits, Samoa would ask that the territory do away

with its permits.

The governor said with the $30 permit fees, the field is equal and both sides are equally unhappy.