14 Mar 2007

Clashing Papua clans asked to make peace

2:40 pm on 14 March 2007

Police in Indonesia's Papua region are working to persuade two quarrelling tribes in a remote part of Paniai to end their bloody clash, in which nine people have been killed and dozens of others wounded.

The Jakarta Post quotes police spokesman, commander Kartono Wangsadisastra, saying that traditional approaches have been used to nudge the fighting Sani and Kobogau groups toward a peace deal.

However, commander Kartono says the efforts have been hindered by the fact that several noted figures from the Kobogau tribe do not want peace.

He says the reason is that the number of casualties from their tribe is still bigger than at the Sani tribe, with five dead from the Kobogau tribe to the Sani's four.

Commander Kartono says there is no need to deploy more security officers to the area because existing officers have at this stage succeeded in separating the two opposing clans and preventing them from continuing their war.

He says that those provoking the war would still be subject to the legal process.