14 Mar 2007

Niue leader says the island is getting on top of its financial woes

8:32 pm on 14 March 2007

Despite money worries on Niue, the island's premier, Young Vivian, says he is not in New Zealand to grovel for more money.

New Zealand is Niue's main aid donor and the special relationship is reflected in the regular meetings of what is called the joint consultative group.

New Zealand foreign minister Winston Peters, has says much of the budgetary problem is due to acts of God, but says both countries will work through them.

He says there will be more money for Niue in the budget and some priority given to infrastructure.

Mr Vivian was adamant his government, which last week withstood a vote of no confidence on the issue of financial mismanagement, is on top of the island's problems and that Niue's got a bright future.

"I haven't come here to grovel for more money. I think we have the money given to us and I think we have put together strict measures to get on top of this hump, and I believe that in the future there will be exciting things happening."