19 Mar 2007

Fiji Media Council welcomes planned opening of TV market

3:18 pm on 19 March 2007

The Fiji Media Council says opening the country's television market to competition is a good idea, as long as the market is able to remain viable.

Fiji's interim government has announced it's receiving applications from companies interested in starting up TV operations in Fiji.

The interim Minister for Communications, Taito Waradi, says competition in the TV market is important.

The chairman of the Fiji Media Council, Daryl Tarte, says competition can only be good for the Fiji audience.

"Fiji TV have had it all their own way for some time now. I think it'll be good to open the market up. We've just gotta be a little bit careful that it's not opened up too wide. It's a small market here in Fiji. The advertising market is restricted and we don't want to give too many licenses out so that none of the television stations can be viable."

Daryl Tarte says he hopes there is some measure of control as to how many television licenses are given out.

Mr Waradi says the ministry will assess the number of applications received, before making any further decision.