20 Mar 2007

French UMP candidate Sarkozy woos French Polynesians

7:00 pm on 20 March 2007

The French presidential candidate of the ruling UMP Party, Nicolas Sarkozy, says he will visit French Polynesia soon if he becomes the next president.

In a letter to French Polynesians published in Papeete, Mr Sarkozy says he is happy to count them as fellow citizens and says he cannot imagine a France without them.

Mr Sarkozy says he respects French Polynesia's will to remain part of France and vows to uphold financial support for education and justice in recognition of the territory's contribution to France's security and independence.

However, he says the funds need to be spent in a transparent way.

French Polynesia's ruling party is affiliated with the UMP, while the opposition has a cooperation agreement with the French Socialist Party.