26 Mar 2007

Politician on Niue says people on island not interested in overseas based MP

7:40 pm on 26 March 2007

A Niue MP says people on the island feel that those from outside the country should not sit in its parliament.

Niue's premier, Young Vivian, says he is prepared to further pursue demands from some in the New Zealand/Niuean community that they be represented in the island's parliament.

This has been a long standing call from the expatriate community, but MP, Terry Coe, says there has never been much support for it on the island.

"The people here say we should run the country because we are staying here, living here, not people from outside. If they want to have a say they should come back to Niue and stay here and become involved in politics if they wish."

Mr Coe says the cost factor alone would be a major deterrent.

He says it would mean a constitutional change requiring two thirds support in the parliament.