27 Mar 2007

PNG's chief ombudsman says matter of non acquitted money before the court

8:24 am on 27 March 2007

Papua New Guinea's chief ombudsman says the matter of millions of kina which has not been acquitted for development programs by more than half of the country's MP's in 2007, is now before the court.

Ila Geno says the ombudsman commission provides direction to the government on the drawing down of various electoral development funds.

He says the ombudsman commission says the acquittals need to be drawn down before the release of more public funds.

Mr Geno says he is reluctant to comment further as it is now a legal matter.

"The order has been taken out successfully before a national court to stay the direction by the Ombudsman Commission, and the Ombudsman Commission has been asked to go back for a judicial review of the arguments. And we are concerned, and we want to reinstate the direction but it has to be reviewed before a court of law."

PNG's chief ombudsman Ila Geno.