27 Mar 2007

Air NZ yet to make final decision on outsourcing to Fiji

10:04 am on 27 March 2007

Air New Zealand says a final decision is yet to be made regarding its proposal to outsource its finance operations to Fiji.

The company made the comments following reports that Air NZ has dumped Fiji in favour of India for the outsourcing of its finance operations.

Fiji Live reports that the change in plans was a result of the December 5 coup.

Before the military coup last year, Air New Zealand had announced plans that it was going to outsource its finance operations to Fiji.

It was adamant that political tensions in Fiji would not stop its plan to outsource 70 clerical jobs in its finance department to Suva.

Air NZ Fiji manager Alan Roman said today that a final decision has not yet been made and that the India option is currently being investigated.