30 Mar 2007

Fiji police seek talks with anti-corruption squad

5:46 pm on 30 March 2007

Fiji's acting police commissioner Romano Tikotikoca says the country's Anti-Corruption Unit and police force need to work together, and improve their relationship.

The comments come after the head of the Anti-Corruption Unit, Nasir Ali, criticised the police, claiming police interfered with his unit's investigations into alleged corruption at the Public Works Department.

Commissioner Tikotikoca denies any interference with the unit's investigations and says Mr Ali's criticisms are like the right hand criticising the left hand, because Mr Ali is a police officer himself.

He says there needs to be more dialogue and consultation between the police and the Anti-Corruption Unit.

"The anti-corruption unit is using their powers vested on them by their virtue of being police officers, on the other hand the commissioner of police men is accountable to all they are doing. We do understand and we have heard anti-corruption legislation will be coming into play but at the moment the status quo s such that they are police officers using their powers vested on them as police and we need to work together and help one another.."

Commissioner Tikotikoca says he's expecting to meet the Anti-Corruption Unit next week.