3 Apr 2007

General secretary of Fiji's Taxi Union says top priority is to lobby fare increases

11:08 am on 3 April 2007

The newly re-elected general secretary of the Fiji Taxi Union Rishi Ram says his top priority this year is to lobby for an increase in fares.

This comes at a time when public servants face pay cuts of five percent and many people have lost their jobs following the last coup.

Mr Ram says the last increase happened six years ago and he will start lobbying in about two months time despite the country's difficulties.

"It has been harsh in Fiji after the coup. People find it difficult. It is not an appropriate time, however the views of our people will be taken into consideration and we will only come to this once we have a clear picture and have done a study."

Rishi Ram says the union has yet to find out what amount would be appropriate.