3 Apr 2007

IQ Resort likely for Fiji

11:05 am on 3 April 2007

The Fiji embassy in Washington is reported to be working with a California-based company, Pangea World, to establish an IQ resort in Fiji.

The Daily Post reports that the IQ resort concept centres around the development of mind stimulating travel experience which partners with science to chart "the knowledge infrastructure" of a locality.

The concept was launched in Washington only last month with the first IQ resort to be built in Panama soon.

A Fiji representative with Pangea Wold, Winston Thompson, is quoted as saying "the people of Fiji and the Pacific are sitting on goldmines of heritage treasures which will not deplete but improve with age.

He says the heritage wealth would fuel an alliance between hotel enterprises and science to bring tremendous benefits to the region.

Pangea World will work with the Fiji embassy in Washington to identify a suitable location for an IQ report in Fiji and to attract suitable investors.