4 Apr 2007

Deposed Fiji PM to spend Easter on home island

5:19 pm on 4 April 2007

Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, will spend Easter on his home island of Vanuabalavu in the Lau Group despite earlier reports that he was planning to come to Suva before Easter.

Radio Fiji quotes Mr Qarase as saying the military has not given him the green light to travel anywhere, let alone Suva.

Mr Qarase remains banished on his home island after the December 5th military takeover which saw the military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, ousting the elected government and shutting the nation's parliament.

A state of emergency restricting many of people's normal rights has remained in place since.

Mr Qarase says he will spend Easter on Vanuabalavu but would certainly like to come to Suva later this month or early in May.

He says the military has not given approval for his travel but his lawyer is working on obtaining a court order telling the military to lift the restrictions on his movements.