5 Apr 2007

Guam senator pushes for consolidation of agencies

3:48 pm on 5 April 2007

A Republican senator in Guam says his two bills aimed at reorganising public agencies will go to committee hearings next week.

Senator Frank Ishizaki says the two bills seek to reduce 48 public agencies to 12.

One bill is looking to consolidate public safety departments, and the other bill consolidates housing.

He says by consolidating departments to make them more efficient while providing the same level of service, there is the potential to realise savings of up to 50 million US dollars.

Sentor Ishizaki says he hopes the two bills will succeed this time.

"And what did it take to reorganise federal law enforcements? It took Sept 11, 2001, because there was a crisis in America. So I hope that we all wake up and see that we are facing a financial crisis in Guam. And that we do need to take some measures to cut government costs and improve our services. And I do think we can do both."

Senator Frank Ishizaki