6 Apr 2007

Two defendants in American Samoan prostitution case set to change plea

1:34 pm on 6 April 2007

Two defendants in an American Samoan prostitution case are expected to enter guilty pleas during court hearings today and tomorrow at the federal court in Honolulu.

Shengi Wang and Lili Zhang were arrested in Pago Pago and taken to Honolulu last month where they were charged in the case, along with the first two defendants, Fu Sheng Kuo and Kueiling Chen, who were charged late last year.

All four defendants were scheduled for trial in May and all had entered not guilty pleas.

But sources in Honolulu say Wang and Zhang will change their pleas to guilty and will be testifying for the government when Kuo and Chen's case goes to trial, probably in August.

Kuo's attorney, says the continuation of the trial is to allow enough time for preparations, including a review of discovery evidence.