10 Apr 2007

Geologists to check volcanic activity on Simbo in Solomon Islands

10:07 am on 10 April 2007

A team of geologists is travelling to Simbo in Solomon Islands' Western Province to assess its volcanic activity in the wake of last week's earthquake and tsunami.

The group is among a number of teams being sent to the outlying islands of Simbo and Ranongga which have received little in the way of relief supplies until now.

The deputy provincial secretary, Jonathon Bana, says the temporary camps around Gizo have enough water containers and food to keep going but they need to get more supplies out to more remote areas.

Mr Bana says the geologists will also be checking on Simbo.

"The team of geologists are going by the outboard motor and canoe. They would like to have a look because Simbo is a volcanic island which is quite active at the moment and I think a lot of damages are caused by not only the tsunami but the landslide and a lot of areas are being affected."

Jonathon Bana says health workers are also being sent to camps to dig pit latrines and ensure proper sanitation.