16 Apr 2007

Vanuatu Minister for Internal Affairs feels secure despite continued allegations against him

2:06 pm on 16 April 2007

Vanuatu's Minister for Internal Affairs, George Wells, says he believes his portfolio and his place in the Vanuaaku Pati are secure despite an ongoing campaign to have both removed from him.

Opponents of Mr Wells have issued an unsigned press statement saying the Vanuaaku Pati's executive endorses a VP disciplinary committee recommendation to suspend him from the party for breaching the leadership code, citing issues in his personal life.

Mr Wells says both the VP leader, Edward Natapei, and the Prime Minister, Ham Lini, have assured him that he won't be removed.

He says several backbenchers within the VP made numerous attempts to push for his removal last year.

"Again, early this year, they were trying to put pressure on the president of the party for this reshuffling to take place bu it never happened and they tried to convince the executive of the party to suspend me from the party which, according to the constitution of the party, they can't do - the executive cannot suspend a member from the party - only the general congress can do that."

George Wells