17 Apr 2007

Muslim aid agency joins Solomons relief effort

10:08 am on 17 April 2007

Workers from Muslim Aid have joined the relief effort in Solomon Islands.

It's the first time the organisation has been involved in the Pacific region -- and in an overwhelmingly Christian country.

Muslim Aid's emergency relief co-ordinator Mohammed Bali, says the organisation has set up a water distribution point in Munda hospital.

"We are working in collaboration with the Red Cross, Save the Children Australia and our sister organisation Muslim Aid Australia, in order to deliver assistance and relief to the victim population."

Mohammed Bali, says the organisation's Indonesian office was involved in relief efforts during the Indian Ocean tsunami two years ago.

They were working on housing projects (and) flood mitigation, so they have built up quite an expertise in this field. This is one of the points that is helping them for this operation.