18 Apr 2007

Fiji president postpones overseas medical, says no need for VP

7:33 pm on 18 April 2007

Fiji's interim administration says there is no need to appoint an acting vice-president for now as President Iloilo has postponed his overseas medical review.

The minister for Fijian affairs, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, had earlier said that plans were in place to look at legal options before swearing in the new acting vice president.

But Radio Legend says this has now become a non-issue.

Ratu Epeli says there is no need for President Iloilo to go for his regular medical review in Australia this month.

He says the issue will only come up again he has to go for his review, perhaps later in the year.

Meanwhile, the former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says there is no need to have an acting president because regardless of where Fiji's president is around the world, he is still the country's president.

Mr Rabuka points out that no one acts as the Queen when she leaves England, while the president of the United States remains president wherever he travels with Air Force One becoming the Oval Office.