20 Apr 2007

US lawyer due in Fiji over Iraq killing testimony

2:03 pm on 20 April 2007

United States lawyers will arrive in Fiji next month to take evidence from a former Fijian soldier who claims to have witnessed American private security guards shooting Iraqi civilians for target practice.

The Daily Post reports that Isireli Naucukidi is in fear of his life if he goes to America to give evidence.

Mr Naucukidi, who served with the American security company Triple Canopy in Iraq, has reported three instances of Iraqi civilians being killed by American security guards employed by the same company on July 8 last year.

He says he has been informed that lawyers representing the company and the guards implicated in the shootings will be in Fiji from May 8 to take his evidence.

Mr Naucukidi says he is confident his evidence will stand up in court because all the evidence is available and will be backed up by a blackbox in their vehicle which recorded all the conversations.

Mr Naucukidi says he resigned because he did not like the way the issue was swept under the carpet, including by his Fijian supervisor who feared losing his job.