26 Apr 2007

Corporate crime in Fiji on the rise

8:06 am on 26 April 2007

Commercial banks in Fiji are reporting an increase in fraudulent activities by senior employees using sophisticated technology.

The Fiji Times reports that the WESTPAC and ANZ banks have found incidents of fraudulent activity and transactions perpetrated against them.

A senior spokesman for Westpac Ashleigh Matheson, says they have noted that a high number of customers have suffered significant financial loss because their own trusted staff have acted dishonestly to devise complex schemes to defraud their employers.

He says Westpac has also had fraudulent activity perpetrated against it.

Mr Matheson says businesses should carry out unexpected reviews of financial transactions.

A spokesman for the ANZ Bank Vijend Singh, says the risk of people producing false identification has increased based on advances in technology, and ANZ uses advanced fraud detection systems.