27 Apr 2007

Fiji Human Rights Commission director cautions UN fact-finding team

6:12 pm on 27 April 2007

The director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, Dr Shaista Shameem, has cautioned the United Nations fact finding team to approach the information given to them with caution.

Radio Legend quotes Dr Shameem as saying she has told the UN team that it must weigh all the information carefully before coming to a conclusion about Fiji.

She says people must not come to a country prejudging an issue because there are many sides to the situation.

Dr Shameem says she has stressed to the UN team that the information they may have received overseas may not be what the facts are on the ground.

She says she also told the UN team that the voice of the people of Fiji will not be taken to the United Nations through the fact finding mission.

Dr Shameem says because of the time constrains on such teams they don't actually meet with the ordinary people.

She says quite often they assume that what the civil society organisations are saying is the truth when the ordinary people in the street should be given the opportunity to have their voices heard.