2 May 2007

Huge petrol increase in American Samoa

10:54 am on 2 May 2007

Petrol prices in American Samoa will go up again, this time it will be an 11-US cent increase based on the new maximum allowable price that will be released today by the Office of Petroleum Management.

OPM's Sione Kava says the increase will see retail prices go up as far as 3 US dollars and 18 cents per gallon, but he says it could reach $3.20 for at least two outlets on island.

Mr Kava said there are also huge hikes in prices of diesel fuel, jet fuel and kerosene, as prices for petroleum products sold in the territory have continue to increased since March.

He says the biggest contributor to the latest hike is the base price at the refinery in Singapore because prices for crude oil continues to increase due to ongoing problems in the Middle East and in Nigeria.