3 May 2007

Premier for Sols province says success of rural strategy rests on consultation

10:36 am on 3 May 2007

The Premier for the Guadalcanal province in Solomon Islands says the success of a new rural development strategy partly rests on greater consultation with those involved.

The government launched its agriculture rural development strategy last week with plans to provide rural areas with quality services and infrastructure as well as more opportunities to earn income locally.

The Guadalcanal Province premier Joash Salani says the strategy is a good idea but the government must ensure its relevant to people in the rural areas.

"What needs to be done right now is a lot more consultation with our people in their rural areas and how that strategy can be applied into a rural situation, taking into account the kind of thinking that our people understand. So if our people understand that strategy and how that strategy be applied to their rural setting I think that it will be workable."

Premier Salani says he'd like the agricultural activity on Guadalcanal that was stalled by the years of ethnic tension to be brought back to life.