3 May 2007

Response to agriculture rural development strategy in Solomon Islands overwhelming

10:14 am on 3 May 2007

The Premier of Temotu Province in Solomon Islands says the public response to a new strategy for development of the country's rural areas has been overwhelming.

The Agriculture Rural Development Strategy was launched last week, with plans to provide rural areas quality services and infrastructure and more ways of earning income locally.

Temotu Province Premier, Johnson Levela, says during the consultation process, a lot of rural development issues have been picked up that need to be re-dressed.

He says the main needs for rural economic development are transportation infrastructures like roads and wharfs.

"Te Motu province being an isolated province lacks most natural economic infrastructure so whilst we have commodities like copra and agriculture based crops the transportation and marketing issues are quite difficult for our farmers or rural people at times. If we have such facilities in place then that would be a big help to our rural people."

Premier Levela says the ARDS for Temotu Province is expected to be implemented by early next year.