7 May 2007

Standoff predicted between public and Solomon Islands prime minister over Moti

3:42 pm on 7 May 2007

Transparency Solomon Islands, or TSI, says there will be a standoff between the public and the prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, over his push to appoint Julian Moti as the attorney general.

Mr Moti is facing child sex charges in Australia but eluded authorities in Papua New Guinea and flew in to Solomon Islands where he has been put up in a hotel, allegedly at government expense.

He had been appointed by Mr Sogavare but was suspended by the Public Service Commission and is yet to take up the position.

The executive officer of TSI, Joses Tuhanuku, says their opposition to Mr Moti has nothing to do with Australia's pursuit of him or the suspension but they believe he's not of good character and he's previously meddled in domestic politics.

"The only solution I can see is for the prime minister to drop the idea of appointing Moti as attorney general. I think there's going to be a big stand-off, not between Australia and the prime minister, but between the people of Solomon Islands and the prime minister, over this proposed appointment."

Joses Tuhanuku.