8 May 2007

NGO in Hawaii says fishermen and environmentalists should work together

10:07 am on 8 May 2007

An NGO in Hawaii, Save Our Seas says scientists, fishermen and environmentalists should work together to come up with a sustainable solution to bottom sea trawling in the South Pacific.

Countries have agreed not to introduce new areas for deep sea trawling in the area until a full scientific study can be undertaken on its effects.

Conservation groups applaud the move, saying the method of bottom trawling destroys fragile marine eco systems.

But it will significantly affect New Zealand fishermen who do most of the bottom trawling in the area.

The SOS President Paul Clark says some compromise needs to be found to benefit everyone.

"You really have to team up. The scientists and the fishermen have gotta come together and really find a middle ground so that everybody can benefit. With fish species being depleted right across the globe and if we don't do something now then our kids aren't going to have the same resources that we have. So I really think there is a middle ground and there's scientifically proven and culturally acceptable solutions we can all work toward."

Paul Clark of the NGO, Save Our Seas.