9 May 2007

Anti-corruption watchdog group in American Samoa supports Governor's plan

8:57 am on 9 May 2007

The president of an anti-corruption watchdog group in American Samoa says he supports the Governor's plan to introduce mandatory drug testing for government employees.

Governor Togiola Tulafono hopes to introduce a law that would require police, customs, immigration and agricultural quarantine officers to be subjected to drug testing by the end of the year.

The President of watchdog group Common Cause, Peni Teo, says random drug testing for law enforcement agents is something that needs to happen because of the drug problem in the territory.

"It is getting worse here in American Samoa, if you are to look at protecting the public in regards to safety, this is a must in order for them to do their job, in order for the public to look to them as role models."

Peni Teo says he'd like to see random drug testing for all government agencies, including schools.