9 May 2007

Cooks water supply restored after massive downpour

2:33 pm on 9 May 2007

The water supply to the eastern and northwest parts of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands has been restored.

Heavy rain on Sunday caused debris to block several intakes, affecting residences and businesses, and forcing some schools to close.

The director of Water Works, Ben Parakoti, says services returned back to normal yesterday.

He says blockages occur every time there is a heavy downpour, and while the government is looking at resolving the issue he says it will take some time to address.

"At the moment, we're focussing on reducing losses within the system which is by replacing the old pipelines which is quite a huge task and will probably take us another three years to even addressing the issue of blockages of the intakes and so forth."

The director of Water Works in Cook Islands, Ben Parakoti