12 May 2007

Charged Fiji police officer on paid leave

9:13 am on 12 May 2007

The senior Fiji police officer charged with official corruption, Assistant Commissioner Josaia Rasiga, has been sent on leave with full pay pending the outcome of the case filed against him.

The acting police commissioner, Romanu Tikotikoca, says he will look for a replacement to head the Criminal Investigation Department.

Mr Tikotikoca has also revealed that while the recently set up Corruption Investigation Unit has filed the charges against Rasiga, there is now a new, separate unit within the ministry of home affairs to investigate allegations of corruption against police.

This is headed by a former senior police officer and now senior army officer, Lt Col Jimi Koroi.

Referring to the manner in which Rasiga was arrested and detained in a police cell before being interrogated and charged, Mr Tikotikoca says his senior officer was treated like a common criminal.

He has called for more consultations and dialogue between the police and the Corruption Investigation Unit headed by Superintendent Nasir Ali.