14 May 2007

Fiji Methodists denounce 2006 coup as worst of takeovers

3:26 pm on 14 May 2007

Fiji's influential Methodist Church, which supported the 1987 and 2000 coups, has described the current military takeover as the worst of all and called for its end.

The call coincides with today's 20th anniversary of Sitiveni Rabuka's first military coup in 1987.

The Fiji Sun reports that the general secretary of the Methodist church, the Reverend Ame Tugaue, says church members across the country have begun to feel the effects of the current coup.

He says thousands of their members are praying for God to choose Fiji's leaders and the country should not have coups to remove them.

The Reverend Tugaue says the Methodist Church stands with the chiefs who were suspended from the Great Council of Chiefs because it was they who accepted Christianity in Fiji in the early days of tribal wars.

He says people should show respect to chiefs because they are from God.

The Reverend Tugaue says the church does not support coups and if leaders are not doing right, people should wait until the next election.