17 May 2007

Fiji interim administration to introduce People's Charter for Change and Progress

8:54 am on 17 May 2007

A report from Fiji says the country's return to democracy now depends on the People's Charter for Change and Progress.

Fiji TV says the People's Charter is part of Fiji's commitment to the European Union and the timeline for establishing it is less than two weeks.

The interim administration has told the EU the People's Charter will be presented for adoption at a National Summit which will be attended by civil society, the private sector and the government.

The aim of the Charter will be to rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant, united, well governed and truly democratic nation.

The Charter will also seek progress and prosperity through merit-based equality of opportunity and peace.

The interim cabinet is expected to consider the proposal next Tuesday followed by its endorsement by President Iloilo later in the week.

At the same time, all regional organisations and development partners based In Suva will be briefed on the People's Charter.

Both the People's Charter and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji are expected to be fully in place by mid-June and will work closely together in the coming months.