17 May 2007

Cooks drafts tobacco bill

4:38 pm on 17 May 2007

The Crown Law office in the Cook Islands has drafted a tobacco bill.

The proposed bill has now gone back to the Ministry of Health, before parliament's consideration.

The Cook Islands Solicitor General Michael Mitchell, says the bill basically follows New Zealand's legislation about smoking and tobacco control.

"Ban on advertising, either directly or sort of indirectly. And enclosed public places where smoking will be prohibited. And it requires signs, very much as in New Zealand, which we haven't had but we will now in English and Cook Island Maori."

Michael Mitchell, The Solicitor General in Cook Islands

The proposed bill introduces fines for various offences up to 7,000 US dollars for a company, and about 1,500 US for an individual.

It also grants jurisdiction to the high court to order the confiscation and forfeiture of items that breach the act.