17 May 2007

Solomons ponders dealing with violent past

4:40 pm on 17 May 2007

Efforts are being made in Solomon Islands to deal with the problems that led to the ethnic tension in 2000 when thousands of Malaitans were forced to leave Guadalcanal.

Two steering committees are trying to find out if there is public support to set up commissions that would deal with the atrocities committed during the unrest in 2000.

One steering committee is looking into setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission as its chair, Frank Kabui explains.

"My committee has to familiarise itself with the concept of setting up a truth and reconciliation commission. And it means we are having to look at truth and reconciliation commissions elsewhere, such as in South Africa and then we will be in a position to make up our minds."

Frank Kabui

The other steering committee is looking into the formation of an Inquiry of Land Dealings on Guadalcanal, a core issue that led to the tensions, while a commission dealing with the riot last year has already been set up.