18 May 2007

Senior Fiji lawyers question public comments by Law Society official

9:48 am on 18 May 2007

Four senior Fiji lawyers are demanding answers on why the vice president of the Law Society, Tupou Draunidalo, attacked the judiciary on overseas television.

Ms Draunidalo told Australian TV that lawyers in Fiji had lost faith in the judiciary.

Fiji TV reports that lawyers Dr Shamshud-din Shahu Khan, Kitione Vuetaki, Anu Patel and Shailendra Krishna have written to the Law Society saying such comments are unacceptable and contentious.

Dr Shahu Khan says they have to defend the judiciary against anyone attacking it.

He says Ms Draunidalo was speaking as the vice president of the Law Society and it appeared she was speaking on behalf of all lawyers.

Dr Shahu Khan says the statement was a serious matter and a breach of the principles and ethics of the legal profession of the first order.

He says it has national and international implications and they are demanding an urgent meeting of the Law Society to discuss the issue.