22 May 2007

SDL member alleges assault by Fiji military

4:00 am on 22 May 2007

The acting director of Fiji's ousted SDL party, Ted Young, says he was assaulted by the military when he was summoned to the army camp in Suva for questioning yesterday.

Mr Young appeared on Fiji TV last night sporting a bruise on his face which he claimed was the result of two punches thrown at him by a very senior officer which knocked him to the floor.

He said the officer also threw a copy of the Fiji Sun newspaper at him which carried a story highly critical of the military based on a statement issued by Mr Young.

Mr Young has called on the military to stop taking people to the camp, saying it was scaring away investors.

The military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni confirmed that Mr Young was taken to the camp for questioning.

He says the Public Safety Regulations are still in force and if there is a need to call people to the camp, the military will do so.

He said any complaints should be referred to the Fiji Human Rights Commission.